Why Is Our Service So Important?

Consumers may be rejected for loans or jobs based on mistakes in their credit reports and not even know it. In a recent study, 79 percent of credit reports reviewed contained either serious errors or other inaccuracies in regard to trade account and personal information. What's more, there's a one-in-four chance your credit report contains an error serious enough to cause you to be denied credit. According to recent data, identity theft strikes more than 700,000 Americans each year and is growing at the mind-boggling rate of 40 percent annually. Our credit restoration service allows you the opportunity to review your credit file and identify and proactively challenge any accounts that do not belong to you.

How Does Our Service Work?
Our team of credit analysts will perform a thorough review of all items on the client's credit reports that negatively affect their credit profile and credit score. Our clients will regularly receive customized dispute letters to review, sign and send to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Dispute letters may be changed or modified at the individual's request. Clients are strongly encouraged to provide any support documentation that may assist and expedite the dispute process.

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Our Process: 6 Simple Steps
1. Use our easy online enrollment process to begin your service.
2. Forward your required identification document to our credit specialists to complete your file.
3. Customized dispute letters will be prepared and sent to you for your approval. If no changes are requested, sign and send your dispute letters to the three credit reporting agencies. The credit bureaus will prepare a response to your request within 30 days of receiving your dispute letters.
4. Forward your updated credit reports to our offices. Your file will be updated and your next set of dispute letters will be prepared and mailed to you.
5. Clients may modify their dispute letters upon request. This is especially helpful in the case of mixed credit files among family members, identity theft, or inaccurate information in regarding accounts that are paid off. Please call our customer support department if you have any questions.
6. New dispute letters will be sent every 60 days until your service expires.
Why Choose Us?

United Credit is proud to offer the industry's first proactive and interactive customer service. In short, clients receive regular progress reports detailing the status of their credit file, including the number of dispute cycles completed and the number of deleted items. Our customer support team is on hand to personally answer any questions by phone or email, or clients may choose to access their account details on line any time of day or night. Let our professionals work for you. Enroll today and join the thousands of other clients who are enjoying the benefits of improved credit.

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